Over the past few years we've seen rapidly rising diagnosis on the autistic spectrum disorder. Unfortunate in itself, but often people forget about you - the confused and sometimes scared parent. We at TheAUTSPOT.com understand that feeling and have made it our goal to create an online autism support group that moves in real time, helping those already affected by the disorder, helping new parents cope, or facilitating the discovery of by recognizing the early signs of autism.

Once you create an account at TheAUTSPOT.com you can immediately involve yourself in all types of talk relating to the autistic spectrum disorder. Get answers from others parents and family in your situation and visit our daily updated blog which tackles all issues of autism with an emphasis on childhood autism.

We will be rolling out a lot of new features in the next several months that will help you create the ideal world for your child through our autism resources, support groups, personal stories, even finding specialists in your area! In the meantime don't hesitate to contact us if you have any suggestions or feedback. Our goal is to make TheAUTSPOT.com a primary resource for you and your child.


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TheAUTSPOT.com is the best online autism resource for your child.
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